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A shared marketing adviser can relieve you of the stress of figuring out what to do for marketing, so you can invest your time running your business. 

Instead of bogging down on every website update, turn it over to your own marketing professional. You set the vision and let your expert create an  integrated marketing plan to boost your brand.

Paul Carr
can handle that single project you need.

He also can help you create consistent messaging that clearly presents your brand to each of your audiences.  A comprehensive, expert approach elevates your whole organization. 

Every Business needs a Marketing Director

Not every business needs
one full time!

Make your marketing more effective

How we help you

As your marketing consultant, I will partner with you on identifying and prioritizing your most important audiences.

We will craft messages for each audience, making your marketing more effective.

If you have a plan, I’ll help you implement it. If you don’t have a plan, I’ll help you create one that matches your company goals.

Every company needs a marketing director. Not every business needs one full time. Share a marketing director with other Central Texas businesses and get the marketing advice you need.

“You were able to get us to focus our marketing attention on the message and not the volume of information we were trying to get out. We have reworked our marketing based on your suggestions
and it is working.”


Temple Business Owner

“Paul greatly expanded our social media and marketing efforts. He modernized multiple websites, created marketing materials
and trade show displays, created our social media presence. He would be a valuable asset to your organization.”

Bell County Entrepreneur

Multi-Business Partner

Give your marketing focus and direction

What we offer


Paul Carr has extensive marketing experience with McLane Group, Baylor University, and other Texas businesses, churches and non-profits.


He is offering to review and analyze your digital and print marketing materials, and include an extended conversation with your staff to fully understand your organization.


The end result is a blueprint for you and your team to carry forward with recommendations for both short-term and long-term marketing priorities.

Writing drives everything

Additional Skills and Services Available to Clients:

Writing (marketing, informational, story-telling)
• Print Projects and Publication Oversite
• Website Design and Maintenance (WordPress)
• SEO – Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Updates
• News/Press Releases
• Photography